Graduate vs Employment

Trying to survive the job market…

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Graduate vs Employment Ep 2

The second episode is out! Sorry for the late upload. It is getting harder and harder to think of survival references in these parody videos as I get deeper into them. Half way through filming I found myself expressing and venting my ACTUAL thoughts with the camera. Who knew talking to a camera can be so comforting?! It almost became a video diary of my actual experiences and emotions as I embark on this what seems like an impossible task of landing a full time job. When I realized this, I quickly tried to separate my real life emotions from the parody content.

Graduate Vs Employment Ep 1

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The first episode is out! This will be part of a three part series. It was strange and awkward at first to get the hang of doing something like this. I really had no idea on what I was going to do and how to even start off. Please keep in mind that this is my first time attempting to do voice overs and a video log type video. Hopefully by the next episode I will get over the awkwardness of talking to a camera and let the creative juices flow. One thing that  I was having trouble with was using references to survival like they do in the survival shows. Fortunately, right when I uploaded the video, some pretty good ideas came into my head. So keep tuned for the next episode!

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In today’s economy, there is no easy way out. It is as if soon to be graduates are just thrown into the wild to fend for themselves in this tough job market. It really is survival of the fittest (or luckiest). Back in the day the college degree was a one way ticket to a better life and ensured employment. However, there is a quick decline in the applications for higher education. William D. Henderson states, “Thirty years ago if you were looking to get on the escalator to upward mobility, you went to business or law school. Today, the law school escalator is broken.” With the job economy, there seems to be no security with any degree. The degree now can be seen as more of a burden with debt than a catalyst to success.

The low employment rates have lead to unfortunate results. The accumulated debt after graduating from a university or college pressures recent graduates to look to plan B. Many unemployed graduates, not just in the United States, but all over the world are forced to face reality and settle for a job in an unrelated field. In a recent a study of last years graduates proved that there has been a huge divide for those who graduated before 2008 and those who graduated after. Almost half of the graduates from 2008-2012 are either unemployed or underemployed.

So how do people of this generation cope and deal with the worst job market since the Great Depression and the crushing student debt? Many unemployed graduates have openly shared to the world about their postgraduate experiences.  By sharing stories on an open forum, it makes one feel less alone when entering the cruel world. There are even those who have harnessed their unfortunate situation and channeling it towards something more positive.

Many young graduates are now poking fun at the job market by doing parodies. After all, laughter is the best medicine right? A group of students from Boston University took the recent movie trailer of Les Miserable and spun it into their own college related version.

I welcome you all to come join me as I take my own approach in developing a parody of popular survival shows such as Survivorman by Les Stroud and Man Vs Wild by Bear Grylls. On my adventures, you will witness me trying to utilize what I have at my disposal while trying to make it out of this job market alive. I have only about a month left before graduation takes place. Will I come out alive with employment or will I not be able to handle the harsh environments of the real world?


English: Bear Grylls in front of an Alaska Air...


Les Stroud